The drawing which became a tattoo. Bali, Indonesia.


Dave-Lynn, often referred to as Davie, is a multi-curious artist active in fusing the art of hand-made and digital ideas. Educated in fashion and fine art, she has carved out a diverse career in apparel and graphic design, both on a corporate and freelance level.

She took the leap to being a full-time freelance artist, working on various projects from costume/custom apparel making, painting commissions and developing her illustration style.

As a forever "wanderluster", projects are often inspired by her travels near and far. Currently, Davie is recovering from eating all those pastel de natas during her 3 month stay in Porto, Portugal but is gearing up for another jaunt back to South East Asia. Destination: Malaysia! Her bright red Vans have now been replaced with dark black Vans which will wander alongside her Nikon DSLR and handy iPhone 6.