The drawing which became a tattoo. Bali, Indonesia.


Dave-Lynn, often referred to as Davie, is a multi-curious artist active in fusing the art of hand-made and digital ideas. Educated in fashion and fine art, she has carved out a diverse career in apparel and graphic design, both on a corporate and freelance level.

In 2015, Davie became a full-time freelance artist, working on various projects from costume/custom apparel making, painting commissions and developing her illustration style.

As a forever "wanderluster", projects are often inspired by her travels near and far. After a 5+ month return to SE Asia, Davie is currently indulging in a second round of pastel de natas in Portugal. If it weren't for Schengen zone regulations, she would spend an indefinite time in Porto if she could.

In the meantime, her once dark black Vans are now sun-bleached and torn from stampeding around Thailand. But, she is happily dancing around Europe alongside her Nikon DSLR and handy iPhone 6. And of course, sketchbook in hand.